A Critical Ally - A Daunting Opponent

Although we are all constantly advised to take out insurance in respect of things that could go wrong in our lives, one of the most problematic areas that everyone experiences is then making claims upon insurance policies when those things do go wrong. For a variety of reasons claimants are regularly told that their claims will be denied or only partially paid.  Insurers will often tell people that claims are excluded because of a reason contained within the ‘fine print’, or because some piece of information was not properly disclosed; and in many other cases claims are reduced because the claimant was allegedly ‘under-insured’.

Let’s face it.....  Insurers are a business like any other business, and they are intent on making a profit. If there is a way that a claim can be refused or reduced then a diligent Insurer is likely to do so.

Maguire & McInerney have extensive experience in successfully ‘taking on’ Insurers in relation to rejected or difficult insurance claims. We have acted in many matters where claims have been disputed, or where claims have been denied, or where the Insurer suggests a claim is fraudulent. We have represented clients in both Life Insurance matters and Disability Insurance claims, as well as on General Insurance matters. Often times we find that vital information can be left out of a claim form, or necessary skill and experience has not been used in preparing claims. Investigators or assessors will have no hesitation in rejecting claims in such circumstances. Also we often finds that the level of expertise shown by assessors and by general insurance staff is below par, and claims simply get delayed or rejected on spurious grounds. You certainly cannot rely on assessors or insurance staff to provide assistance to claimants. In all of those circumstances it is crucially important to obtain the services of experienced, skilful lawyers in protecting your interests.

Apart from advising on Sickness and Accident Policies and Disability Policies we regularly advise on property insurance disputes in the following area:-

Mark McDonald led the fight against the Insurance industry in relation to refusal to pay insurance claims when the Illawarra was inundated by massive storms in 1998. We took on the biggest Insurers in the land over those insurance claims and eventually obtained resolution and payment for virtually all storm affected home owners throughout the Illawarra.